Google for Games Developer Summit: 10 Things to Know

Stadia recently had the privilege of hosting three developer-focused sessions at the 2021 Google for Games Developer Summit, and they’re all available for free on YouTube. We held our keynote session led by Careen Yapp from the Stadia Partnerships team, a deep dive into new value coming to partners led by Stadia Product Manager Alan Joyce, and a more technical session focused on how porting and certification is becoming easier than ever before.

We’ve also summarized the key takeaways from all three sessions into one video: the top ten things you need to know about developing for Stadia, covered in less than 10 minutes.

It’s worth calling out some great changes to the financial terms we're offering developers in particular. 

Starting in July, any new title that enters into Stadia Pro, under the new Stadia Pro terms, will earn a slice of monthly revenue from the service. Stadia Pro will give back 70% of monthly revenue to Pro partners based upon engagement for active, claimable Stadia Pro titles. Engagement will be measured by “session days.” One user playing one Stadia Pro game twice on day one equals one session day. A user that plays a Stadia Pro game once on day one and once on day two equals two session days.

We’re unveiling a new way to power player engagement with Stadia Pro through our Affiliate Marketing Program. Launching in the first half of 2022, all Stadia partners will receive $10 (or local equivalent) for each player that uses their Click to Play link to instantly play their game with the free trial month of Stadia Pro and successfully transitions to a paid subscription. 

Finally, a limited-time incentive program from October 1, 2021 to the end of 2023 adjusts our revenue share for newly signed games to an 85 / 15 split for game sales (including DLC and other in-game purchases), up to a $3M threshold. 

With the improvements we’re making to workflows for developing, testing, certification and release, on top of these exciting new financial terms, there’s never been a better time to be a Stadia developer. If you’re interested in bringing your own game to Stadia, get in touch. 

-- Nate Ahearn, Marketing Lead

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