Stadia Partners with Splash Damage

During our Stadia Developers Livestream on 3/23, we announced our partnership with the incredible team at Splash Damage. We had an opportunity to connect with the Co-Founder & CEO of Splash Damage, Richard Jolly, to talk about all things Stadia.

Q: Richard, what drew your attention to Stadia? What makes Splash Damage & Stadia a good fit? 

Richard Jolly, CEO, Splash Damage: Our games have always been about bringing people together, and that’s what we really care about as a studio. We started this by pushing team-play in shooters, so when choosing our next projects, whether it’s working on certain franchises or platforms, we always go back to that goal, ‘How do these projects or platforms help us ignite friendships?'. With Stadia it made perfect sense immediately - the platform is removing friction and allowing people to connect and play with each other instantly.

Q: What gets your team excited about the potential of developing a game on Stadia? 

Richard: We watched, like the rest of the gaming world, when Stadia was first announced with excitement, we’d got to play with the technology a few months before and knew how revolutionary this would be for our industry. Being able to play anywhere, on any device has changed the way we can think about designing and making games. Amazing work has been done over the years to bring new audiences to gaming and to make playing games as accessible as ever; platforms like Steam on PC, or dedicated consoles have meant that the barrier to entry that we experienced growing up has been eroded.

But now, with Stadia, the barrier to entry is almost invisible. Stadia has the potential to bring untold audiences to our industry; not just players for who an expensive PC or console has been a blocker, but new designers and creators with brand new ideas inspired by what Stadia is offering.

Q: How has your collaboration with the Stadia team been so far? 

Richard: It’s been great! The team Stadia have built are all industry-leading in their respective fields and they’ve been a joy to work with. Whether it’s design, production, marketing or any other discipline, the insight we’re greeted with daily is incredibly refreshing and inspiring; it really feels like a partnership.

Only recently we had a whole team from Google visit us in London for a few days to talk through the project and give us insights into the platform, how we can leverage the wealth of knowledge within Stadia and YouTube, and what’s coming next.

We’re regularly working together to ensure our designs and features take full advantage of everything Stadia has to offer, and we keep pushing each other to make those ideas go even further.

Q: We’re all excited to learn more about what you guys are working on. When can we hear more? 

Richard: We think we’re building something that’s fun, unique and takes advantage of Stadia’s best features. It’s something a little different from us, but it still has all the hallmarks of what makes a Splash Damage game great!

We can’t wait to share more with you all later this year!

For more from Splash Damage, be sure to visit and follow them on social media.

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