Stadia Partners with Supermassive Games

During the Stadia Connect today we announced our partnership with the incredible team at Supermassive Games. We had an opportunity to connect with Pete Samuels, CEO, to tell us more about the partnership.

Question: Pete, Supermassive is known for telling powerful stories and blurring the lines between cinematic entertainment and video games. What makes Supermassive Games & Stadia a good fit?

Pete Samuels, CEO, Supermassive Games: Our teams create games that mix powerful storytelling with cinematic production values. Combining these elements is key to what we do. We’ve always had a passion for exploring the benefits of new technology and new platforms, and the features of Stadia really enhance what we see as the values of our games. Our games are designed to be played by anyone (as long as they are old enough!) and we love the accessibility of the Stadia platform. The low barrier to entry and ability to play across multiple devices allows players to quickly immerse themselves in our games. We couldn’t be more excited about the partnership.

Question: What gets your team excited about the potential of developing a game on Stadia?

Pete Samuels, CEO, Supermassive Games: The team is loving Stadia. It is a powerful and flexible platform that really brings something different to the market. In the games we create every decision a player makes really matters. So, the Stadia support for content creators and their viewers is something we are especially excited by. The power of the platform is impressive too, and it has given us the opportunity to really push the boundaries of digital actor performance, using some leading edge approaches and, again, technology.

The Team at Supermassive

Question: How has your collaboration with the Stadia team been so far?

Pete Samuels, CEO, Supermassive Games: The Stadia team has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout, and especially during the current global pandemic situation. When the team approached us about a potential collaboration, it was in part because they’d recognised what a great fit our style of storytelling would be for Stadia. We have very clear shared goals, that the platform and game enhance one another, which is perfect for everyone involved!

Question: We’re all excited to learn more about what you guys are working on. When can we hear more?

Pete Samuels, CEO, Supermassive Games: We’re really looking forward to sharing more with you as soon as we can. What the team is creating looks amazing and we can’t wait for people to get a glimpse of it later this year.

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