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Today we unveiled our vision for Stadia, a revolutionary new gaming platform built to power your creative vision. We’ve spent several years building a team composed of both Google and game development veterans. On behalf of the entire team, thank you for the incredible passion you’ve put into creating the worlds we love to play in. We deliberately chose the Game Developers Conference for this unveiling because developers are the lifeblood of this industry. We are a team of your fans, humbled by the magic you create and passionate about giving you a platform that enables new experiences with reach to new audiences.

The Stadia developer platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your tools, workflows and business practices. From initial concept through publishing to operating live services, we’re focused on enabling all aspects of your game’s lifecycle. And while we’ve put great effort into ensuring your development experience is familiar, Stadia’s cloud-native developer platform is purpose-built for the 21st century and powered by the best of Google.

A cloud-native game platform means two things to us:
  1. An evolving creative canvas: starting with over 10 teraflops of graphics performance, a Stadia Instance is a powerful place to play. Unlike legacy consoles and PCs, we can grow the size of an Instance dynamically, without requiring players to upgrade to the latest generation of hardware. The creative potential for Clusters of Instances directly connected to Google Cloud Platform on Google’s high-bandwidth, low-latency global network fundamentally changes the art of what’s possible in game design. We’re leveraging the power and flexibility of Google’s data centers to empower you in unleashing your creativity. From features like Style Transfer ML which uses realtime machine learning for rapid art style prototyping, to Stream Connect, which enables new multiplayer game mechanics by rendering player cameras onto surfaces in another player’s view, we’re working to enable you to innovate in every aspect of game development.
  2. A modern development pipeline: with Instances in the cloud, artists, level designers, programmers and producers can be just clicks away from playtests, multiplayer sessions, demos and reviews. Build servers and asset pipelines can continuously integrate and deploy with Stadia’s development platform to ensure global teams always have access to the latest version, are able to collaborate in new ways and can efficiently overlay their local edits. We’re investing in the hardware, software and services to enable a hybrid cloud with Stadia Development Nodes in your studio and dedicated Instances in Google’s cloud, securely integrated into your workflow. We’ve built a 21st-century development platform intended to help you do what you do best, faster. 
Google believes that open source is good for everyone. It enables and encourages collaboration and the development of technology, solving real-world problems. This is especially true on Stadia, as we believe the game development community has a strong history of collaboration, innovation and shared gains as techniques and technology continually improve. We’re investing in open-source technology to create the best platform for developers, in partnership with the people that use it. This starts with our platform foundations of Linux and Vulkan and shows in our selection of GPUs that have open-source drivers and tools. We’re integrating LLVM and DirectX Shader Compiler to ensure you get great features and performance from our compilers and debuggers. State-of-the-art graphics tools are critical to game developers, and we’re excited to leverage and contribute to RenderDoc, GAPID and Radeon GPU Profiler — best of breed open-source graphics debugging and profiling tools that are continually improving.

Perhaps the most important capability of Stadia is that it will help you grow your audience and reach new players. Deep integration with YouTube could rewrite the rules for how players find and connect with games. This integration could expand the creative canvas for game developers, enabling a number of opportunities for new gaming experiences. It could also help solve a big problem for developers and publishers: game discovery. With Stadia, the Internet is your store. We’re bringing the best of Google to developers and publishers, enabling you to promote your game how you want, where you want, with the attribution and analytics that drive modern marketing. 

The Stadia developer experience is of the utmost importance to us. We are working with and learning from a large number of studios, and in order to deliver the best experience for you, we’re being thoughtful about who gets access and when. Please apply here for early access.

If you’re already working on the game of your dreams and want to partner with Google more closely to bring your game to market, we’re very excited to announce Stadia Partners, a program designed to foster in-development titles and tailor its partnership offerings to meet the needs of a select group of games and teams. You can apply for Stadia Partners via the standard application process linked here. 

--Dov Zimring, Stadia Developer Platform Lead
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