New Stadia Development Tools Support

As part of the Google for Games Developer Summit keynote address, we announced that Stadia is expanding its support for developers and the tools they prefer to use. We’re pleased to share our latest integrations with Backtrace, Vivox, and Playfab.


This integration makes it easy for Stadia developers to analyze crash reports generated by their Stadia games with Backtrace, enabling them to capture and monitor crashes, prioritize issues to work on, and get everything they need to debug and resolve gameplay-impacting problems. Backtrace is easily configured to work with Stadia and Google Cloud Storage to support your entire game development life cycle, and is ready to integrate with project management software like JIRA and work channels like Slack.


This in-game voice and chat solution is used by some of the world’s largest game developers and is the leading provider of communications for online games. Vivox is scalable, fully managed, and can be implemented on any game engine and is fully cross-platform. And because Vivox is optimized for CPU and bandwidth usage, Stadia developers can allocate more resources to other important features of their game.


From our friends at Microsoft comes PlayFab, a complete back-end platform for live games with managed game services, real-time analytics, and LiveOps so Stadia developers can boost revenue and increase player engagement across any engine or platform.

These tools, including ones that already exist on Stadia today like RenderDoc and Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as tool sets from AMD and Intel, are just the beginning for where game development is headed on Stadia. By expanding our tools support, we’re investing in developers.

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