Stadia is coming to the Google for Games Developer Summit

Want to get the most out of creating games for Stadia? You’re invited to join us at the Google for Games Developer Summit, starting July 12. The event welcomes devs and publishers from across the mobile, console, streaming, and PC realms to attend sessions and seminars on the art and business of games and what they can accomplish working with Google Play, Google Cloud, Stadia, and more. Don’t miss the Stadia Keynote at 9 AM PT on July 13!

Registration is free and open to all game developers.
Stadia Keynote
Stadia’s Careen Yapp will lead a keynote session on how Google is making it easier for game developers to bring their creations to Stadia. Get the inside scoop on all the new ways you can maximize the return on your Stadia games and how the Stadia team is helping improve the developer experience for partners like you.

Less Time Porting and Certing, More Time Creating
Efficiency is key to bringing games to Stadia, and we’re making significant investments in cloud-native tooling, automated certification processes, and improvements for both third-party and custom engines. Join Elisabeth Morant, Ryan Bartley, and Robert Adelmann from Stadia’s Product Management team for a deep dive.

Bringing New Value to Stadia Partners
Find out about brand-new developer incentives coming to Stadia. Catch up with Lead Product Manager Alan Joyce and learn how to take advantage of everything the platform has to offer.

If you’d like to attend, please register and join us. And if you’re not yet making games on Stadia and want to get started, apply to become a Stadia partner at

See you soon, and thanks!

--Nate Ahearn, Marketing Lead

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