Stadia Partners with Harmonix

During the Stadia Connect today, we announced our partnership with the team at Harmonix. We had an opportunity to connect with Steve Janiak from Harmonix to tell us more about the partnership.

Question: Steve, Harmonix is known for delivering incredibly fun blockbuster games like Dance Central and Rock Band. What makes Harmonix & Stadia a good fit? 

Steve Janiak, Harmonix: At Harmonix, we are constantly searching for new ways to marry music gaming with the latest technology has to offer – whether that’s a guitar controller, virtual reality, or state-of-the-art music mixing tech. Partnering with Stadia and its revolutionary technology is an opportunity for us to do what we do best - deliver genre-defining game experiences rooted in some of the best music of our time. Our team was super excited to get to work.

Question: What gets your team excited about the potential of developing a game on Stadia? 

Steve Janiak, Harmonix: Any time our team gets to work on a new platform they are eager to discover what new gameplay they can pioneer. How can we push music gaming forward? The power and accessibility offered by Stadia, combined with Stadia Enhanced Features and the backing of Google, has enabled our team to develop something completely new and unique. We can’t wait to share more about it.

Question: How has your collaboration with the Stadia team been so far? 

Steve Janiak, Harmonix: It's been motivating to work closely with the Stadia team as they're building out new platform features. There's a lot of enthusiasm and energy to make a platform that prioritizes what players want and our production team has worked closely with us to make sure we’re getting what we need to take full advantage of those Stadia exclusive features.

Question: We’re all excited to learn more about what you guys are working on. When can we hear more? 

Steve Janiak, Harmonix: We can’t wait to share more with you as soon as we can!

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